2022: A Look Back, And A Look Forward

We launched a podcast in 2022

This by far has been the most exciting part of 2022. We launched a podcast called “The Savory Shot“! We’ve released 14 episodes to date which is 14 more than I ever imagined. We’ve had 11 guests featured all within the business and food space. I’ve been so lucky to make connections with these awesome humans and looking forward to announcing future guests we have on the podcast in 2023.

The feature we’re most proud of creating in 2022

Our client, Lotus Creamery, launched this past year. Their ice cream flavors are infused with a lot of Indian spices and ingredients. So unique! Here’s the blog post I created for this shoot earlier in the year.

What we’re excited about for the coming year

The podcast is a success in 2022, and we want to keep it going into 2023! We want to continue to serving local and national brands. Fun collaborations we have planned with several brands. We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store!

Our first big goal for 2023

Complete new education courses and experiment with our portfolio.


We’re looking forward to making life a little easier for all of you in 2023.

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