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Hello! I'm Mica McCook (pronounced: mee-kuh), your food photographer based in Austin, Texas. Together, we'll embark on an exciting journey to create innovative, scroll-stopping, and dramatic food photography that captures your culinary vision. With my intentional lighting, gorgeous props, and a passion for inspired collaborations, I'm committed to helping you shine.

I bring a unique flair that can be described as a telenovela: dramatic, excessive, and over-the-top. In fact, if I could wrap drama in a burrito, douse it in mole sauce and photograph it, I would.

I believe that food photography requires an inquisitive palate and a profound love of color.

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My love for food photography began on my first visit to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. In complete awe, I spent the next three days sampling and shopping my way through every stall. It was life-changing. I knew then that I wanted to visually create the Reading Terminal experience for my clients, showcasing their food in equally compelling ways.

So go ahead. Look at my photos. Embrace the drama. Let your imagination take over, and then send me an email so we can start scheming and dreaming!