Finding My Freedom: My Freelance Journey, Y’all

Y’all, let’s get real. Ever felt stuck in a job that just… wasn’t it? Like you were watching everyone else live vibrant lives while yours was kinda on grayscale? That was me, workin’ in physical therapy. Sure, it helped people, but it didn’t make my soul sing.  I wanted that deep-down joy, the kind that makes you jump outta bed excited for the day. That’s why I took the leap – into freelancing, and specifically, into photography. Growing up, photography always felt like a hobby, always played second fiddle to theater. Who knew that photography would light a fire inside of me and propel me into chasing a creative dream and finding my freedom?

Freelancer Struggles: Keeping That Chin Up

But let’s keep it a hundred, shall we? This freelance life ain’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, especially in those quiet periods when clients aren’t exactly bangin’ down your door, it’s tough to stay motivated. It’s like your brain whispers, “See, you weren’t meant for this.”

And that’s the biggest challenge – staying your own darn cheerleader. Believing in yourself even when that little voice of doubt starts to creep in, ammiright?!

Finding my freedom and the Joy (It’s Worth It, Y’all!)

But the rewards? Oh, honey, those are worth fightin’ for. The feeling of owning your schedule, setting your pace, and doing something YOU built from scratch? Priceless. The absolute best part, though, is knowing those photos I take… they become part of people’s memories. They help brands tell their story. They’re a little piece of my heart and creativity that keeps on giving long after I’ve packed up my gear. That’s freakin’ awesome.

This Month’s Lesson: Words Matter

This month hit me with a major truth bomb, y’all: The words you speak over yourself have power. Ever notice how if you keep saying you’re tired, then you start believin’ it? Flip that script! Instead of “I’m so disorganized,” it became “I’m getting better at staying on top of things.” And darn tootin’, it actually started happening.

Balance, Y’all, Balance

Speaking of getting better, work-life balance has been my focus lately. Freelancers, it’s so easy to stay glued to that computer from dawn ’til way past dark, chasing the hustle. But what’s the point if you don’t also enjoy the freedom? That’s why I’m setting timers, stepping away to breathe, and reminding myself that my worth ain’t tied to how many hours I log.

So, here I am, flaws and all. Freelancing ain’t easy, but y’all, it’s SO worth it. When you work for yourself, you work for that passion deep in your bones. If you’re stuck in a job that drains your light, if a little voice inside says, “There’s gotta be more,” then listen to it.

Maybe your path isn’t photography. Maybe it’s writing, design, virtual assistance, or whatever gives you those good ole’ tingles. Chase that thing, y’all. It’s an adventure, sometimes a messy one, but the journey is where the magic happens. And you better believe I’m here for it. Finding my freedom has been the most difficult and testing period of my life, but I’m better for it. And you will be too.

Speaking of Magic: Looking for a food photographer who gets it?

Y’all, if you need visual magic whipped up for your brand, your restaurant, your delicious passion project – I’m your girl. I’m all about capturing the vibe, the soul of your food, and making people’s mouths water just by lookin’ at the photos. Holla at ya girl, and let’s create something beautiful together.  Slay queen!


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