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A Look Back At My Texas Monthly Shoot

How the Texas Monthly Shoot came to be

Five months ago, I got an email from Texas Monthly Magazine. They were doing a story about the drink Lime Agua Fresca, and they wanted a picture of the drink to accompany the article. They needed a quick turnaround, and so I had to work fast. But I knew I could do it. Those three days were probably some of the most hectic ever — and it didn’t even involve cooking! But I had a great time, and I would love to do it again. Take a look at my Texas Monthly shoot.

The atmosphere during the shoot

I wanted to create this drink with a twist. I took the same concept, but made it more colorful, more fun and definitely more drinkable.

Agua frescas are traditionally fruit-based drinks that are popular in Mexico. I wanted to do something that felt very summery and approachable, so we decided to stick with bright colors, fresh limes, and lots of ice.

Texas Monthly Shoot of lime agua frescas against pink backdrop

I had a great time putting this shoot together and want to thank Texas Monthly for choosing me. I’m proud of the work, and am really happy to have been a part of this project. If you want the recipe, feel free to make it! Here’s the link

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