Catching Light: Cocktails and Citrus

A Dance of Shadows and Oranges

Imagine a world where colors taste like bold flavors and light plays on your tongue like a fizzy drink. That’s where my story begins: with a vibrant exploration of citrus and cocktails, featuring an orange slice and a camera ready to capture the magic.

I love it when my senses mix together – like when you see a bright color and can almost taste it. That’s what I aimed for in my photos: the bold tang of an orange, the sweet darkness of a shadow, the fizzy sparkle of bubbles in the light. First, there was the deep red of the drink, like a cherry on a summer day. Then, the sunset orange of the slice, promising the sharp, juicy taste of citrus. And finally, the sparkle of light on the glass, whispering of fun times with every bright twinkle.

In the end, it all comes back to that first image: a slice of orange like a tiny sun, making the whole world shine with color and taste. That’s the story I wanted to tell—a story of citrus and cocktails, where you can see the flavors and taste the light.

Planning the Citrus Stage

Colors like sunset, textures like fruit peel, and compositions that made the orange slices pop—I considered every detail. My props were few, my backdrop dark, allowing the fiery hues of the drinks to command attention.

With my camera in hand and the light just right, I captured the dance of shadows and the glow of the cocktail. Each challenge, like the gleam on the glass, was met with a tweak here, an adjustment there, until the photo hummed with the melody of warm citrus flavors.

The Final Squeeze

In the quiet of post-production, I added the final touches that made the colors sing. The images, they didn’t just meet my expectations—they soared beyond, like a high note in a symphony.

The Toast to Creativity

This shoot reminded me that art is everywhere—even in a glass. Looking forward, I’m buzzing with ideas for the next project.

Capture the zest of life in your next shoot! Book now for May-July. Let’s make those colors pop together!


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