Past Work: Tomato Soup


I’ve been a professional food photographer for over five years, and after all this time, I
still love photographing soups. Why? Soup is easy to make and easy to eat (wink), but
it’s also full of surprises. Soup can either be light or hearty, healthy or decadent, it can
have watery or thick broth. Plus it’s got the perfect shape for food photography: round!
I’m always down to photograph soup whether it’s a bowl of tomato soup or chicken
noodles. It’s all delicious to me!

Inspiration for our Soup Shoot

I’m always on the hunt for inspiration, but in this case, it came from one of my favorite
cafes, where I often eat lunch with clients.
They serve an amazing tomato soup that I’ve tried to replicate at home many times but
never quite nailed it. So when I saw this beautiful bowl on their menu, I knew it was time
to get creative!
This shoot was a last-minute decision–I didn’t even have time to plan ahead or scout
locations beforehand. But sometimes, that’s the best way to go about things:
spontaneity leads to interesting results and keeps things exciting for everyone involved
(especially me).

The Soup Props

I used a lot of fun-shaped props with pastel colors. Overall I kept it simple and used
whatever props I could find in my prop closet. I used fresh ingredients that I picked up at
my neighborhood grocery store, but most of the ingredients I had were lying around my


Garnishes are a great way to add texture and context to your image when working with
soup. I used lots of fresh herbs and spices, and a huge dollop of sour cream for this


Soup is a great meal to include in your diet. It’s easy to make, healthy and filling. It
can be served as an appetizer or even as dessert!


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