The Story Behind Our Stunning Fall Soup Photoshoot

Our recent fall soup photoshoot was a true labor of love. We’re so excited to share the story behind it with you.

From choosing a simple background with fabric to being inspired by our love for fall, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we brought our vision to life with this Fall Soup Shoot.

Choosing a background.

We wanted to keep the focus on the soups. I chose a simple background with fabric in warm, autumnal colors. The backgrounds were particularly selected for their soft colors.

Props and styling.

For this fall shoot, we used simple props like white plates and bowls. This decision allowed the soups to be the star of the show. We also used lots of garnishes and ingredients to add pops of color and texture to each individual soup.

This shoot was inspired by Austin’s fall.

I wanted to show fall in a different light. So I incorporated elements like textured fabrics, and textured food props like mushrooms, croutons, chips and bacon. Using these food props certainly give the image a cozy, artsy vibe.

Capturing the perfect shot takes time, effort, and attention to detail, and this fall soup photoshoot was no exception.

I’m proud of the sunning images I was able to create. I hope they inspire you to whip up some warm, comforting soups of your own.

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