The Best Photoshoot Ever: Round Rock Honey Shoot

I love being a food photographer and having the best photoshoot ever.

I can’t say enough how much I love working with clients who trust me to create beautiful images for their brand. And man, do I love it when a client trusts me enough to let me have free rein over my creative process. That’s why I was so thrilled when the Round Rock Honey team asked me to shoot their Fall campaign. We had the best photoshoot ever.

Round Rock Honey is a local honey business that I absolutely love.

You’re not Austin until you’ve bought a bottle of Round Rock Honey. My pantry is always stocked with bottles of Round Rock Honey, so when the owner, Konrad Bouffard, reached out to me wanting images for their website, I was a little starstruck. This was an honor because word of mouth is about 80% of how I get business!

Konrad and I spent an hour on the phone talking about his story and how he formed his company. I think the coolest thing about Konrad and Round Rock Honey is the amount of care that goes into harvesting honey.

When a client trusts me to create beautiful images for their brand, I get so excited.

I know firsthand how difficult it is to hand off creative control for something you’ve worked hard on, but great things don’t happen without taking risks. As a business owner who has often had to be the person in charge of every aspect of the business, I understand this dynamic very well! When working with clients who are willing to trust me and let me take the lead on the art direction, I feel like we’re really making something special together.

So when Konrad gave me creative control, I knew I had to go big. Bigger than anything he’s ever seen done before. Konrad wanted to showcase the various ways his customers could use his product.

I brainstormed ideas and presented it to him. We presented ideas that Konrad had never seen before, which made it exciting for him to see his product in such a different way.

The creative dream team behind the images

Dani Colombatto served as the food stylist, KC Cheong was the assistant and honey was provided by Round Rock Honey. Of course I was the lead photographer and art director.

I am beyond grateful to have been able to collaborate with such a talented duo who both share my passion for creating the best images possible and are committed to leaving the world better than they found it.

I’m also immensely grateful to have worked with Round Rock Honey, who provided us with all of the honey in this photoshoot. Not only do they make delicious honey products, but they care deeply about sustainability and supporting local beekeepers.

The shoot was a full two days of action.

Our shoot was a full two days of action and about three days of prep. We created six setups which included a charcuterie board, bbq wings and churros.

Dani and I used a variety of props like spoons, bowls, and plates as well as flowers from Dani’s garden to make the setups look authentic and delicious!

And the shoot took place in my home studio in Austin, TX.

The end result? Gorgeous photos that showcase Round Rock Honey in a bold and dramatic light.

I believe that photos should be bold, dramatic, and striking. That’s why I took Round Rock Honey’s product shots in a bold way: using vibrant lighting and backdrops that accentuated their unique texture and color.

Do you have an upcoming project and need a food photographer? If so, I’d love to hear from you! I’m currently booking for August and October. Just drop me a line here.


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