stack of red strawberries with the top bitten into with gold glitter

Behind the Glitter: Most Recent Photoshoot

June was a whirlwind.

I worked on two shoots: one for a cookbook, one for an ice cream brand, and I interviewed several guests for my podcast, The Savory Shot.

My life was full of chaos and excitement, but it was also full of stress and exhaustion. At the end of June, I felt a little burnt out, so I decided it was time for a break. For the first week of July, I took some time to rest and recharge my batteries. But as a creative person, I can’t sit still for long. So what did I do? I did some portfolio work with my PIC (partner in crime), Kristina Wolter, from Girl Gone Grits.

Glitter is pretty, and it’s fun to make food look pretty.

One night, I was scrolling through Pinterest, as I do when I’m in need of a little inspiration, and came across an image of a cheese pizza covered in glitter. At first glance, it looked like a hot, gooey mess, but then I thought how fun this would be to eat. Then, another thought popped into my head: Hey, we should use real strawberries!

I already knew who to call when I needed someone to help me do this shoot: my pal Kristina Wolter from Girl Gone Grits. We’ve worked together on other creative projects before, and she’s always up for anything. She said yes!

We wanted to create something that felt completely new but also felt like the kind of thing you’d see on your Instagram feed.

We wanted to create a photoshoot that was colorful, sparkly, and artistic while still being very minimal. We wanted to use a minimal amount of props so that the focus would be on the strawberries themselves. We loved the idea of using glitter because it adds more texture and color to an already vibrant photo shoot.

hand holding strawberry with bite and gold glitter inside

How to Set Up for a Glittery Strawberry Photoshoot

We decided to keep the set up minimal and simple. The backdrop was black, so we had one strobe for key light and two speedlites for fill. For hand models, we used Jill from our office, who graciously volunteered to be a hand model for us!

If you’re interested in seeing more behind-the-scenes photos from this shoot, follow me on Instagram (@austinfoodguide). And if you’ve got a project in the works, contact me for rates and availability.


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