Recent Work: Photographing Ice Cream Is The Coolest Job Ever

Photographing ice cream is not only a fun job, but it’s one that’s helped me make connections with real people and their products.

Henal Patel of Real Artisan Ice Cream reached out to me for a shoot recently. I was so excited to work with someone who is so passionate about their work. These ice cream flavors are infused with a lot of Indian spices and ingredients—and they’re divine! I love that my job allows me to try new things like these delicious flavors.

Henal Patel’s Real Artisan Ice Cream is one of the newest ice cream companies in Austin, TX.

Inspired by Indian flavors and ingredients, Henal has been working on her dream of opening an ice cream online shop for years now. She creates ice creams that are rich in flavor and texture.

I’m not talking about just any old scoop of vanilla or strawberry. We’re talking about the artisanal stuff made with real ingredients and produced in small batches that give you a taste experience like no other.

Henal’s passion for creating artisanal ice cream is evident as soon as you taste one small bite of her ice cream. She takes great care to ensure every ingredient is exactly the way she likes it to be, from the start to the final product.

I photographed their flavors over two days, and was feeling pretty good about myself.

I photographed their flavors over two days, and I can say with 100% certainty that this is the coolest job ever.

The incredibly talented Dani Colombatto was the food stylist. Dani brought her own ideas and creativity to the table. She also listened to Henal’s vision for the brand and translated that into a delicious-looking shoot.

Henal had a clear vision of what she wanted for her brand. She wanted it to look fun, playful, and inviting—and that’s exactly what we got!

Frozen Mango Gelato stands apart because they’re unique and not scared to be themselves.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots, plus some sneak peeks of what will be gracing their website and social media in the near future.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to see more!Real Artisan Ice Cream presented on a vibrant color

If you ever need an ice cream fix in the middle of a long day, this is the place to go. Ice cream is always good, but when it’s made with love and sprinkled with awesome-sauce? You’re in for a treat!


Photographing ice cream is joy, not work. It’s difficult. Working with cool people on amazing projects makes the hard part disappear. I love getting my hands filthy (literally) to see what occurs when we combine these components. Austin Food Guide appreciates your support. Ravi, Henal Patel.

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