Working With G Squared Pizza (Again!)

Working with G Squared Pizza was a pleasure.

First, Garrett Ghoering from G Squared Pizza hired me and my team to create new shots for their upcoming gelato and sandwich lines. Working with G Squared Pizza is always a fun time. Additionally, Garrett is creative, professional, and fun. G Squared has an excellent product, and I’m excited to see how their new menu items will be well received! My goal was to highlight their new offerings and make them look just as delicious as the pizzas. I loved working with G Squared and I hope you enjoy the photos.

I love getting to work with people like this who have great passion for what they do.

You should be proud of what you do, and it’s important to be passionate about what you do. And I am lucky enough to work with people who are both passionate and proud of the work they produce.

I love getting to work with people like this, who have a great passion for what they do!


Lastly, working with G Squared Pizza is always a pleasure and I am honored to be chosen again. It was a true privilege to spend some time in their world and experience their artistry firsthand. I highly recommend you pop in and see them if you ever get the chance!

Flat lay of hands holding sandwiches and salads.

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