Behind the Lens: The Vibrant Tuk Tuk Coffee Shoot

A Serendipitous Coffee Connection: Tuk Tuk Coffee Shoot

So, this cool story starts at my husband Aaron’s company holiday party. Aaron introduced me to his colleague Sunyecta, who, along with her husband, just launched their own coffee bean startup called Tuk Tuk Coffee. Now, as someone who absolutely loves coffee, you can bet I was all ears. A week later, Aaron walked in with an unexpected gift from Sunyecta – a bag of their home-roasted coffee beans. The smell? Imagine being enveloped in the coziest, most delicious coffee hug ever! To show my thanks (and, let’s be real, to have a bit of creative fun), I decided to set up a Tuk Tuk Coffee shoot featuring these amazing beans. It was such a blast putting it all together, playing around with the beans, the aroma filling up the room – just a whole vibe. Talk about turning a chance meeting into a creative adventure!

From Delhi to My Studio: Capturing India’s Warmth

During the planning phase of this coffee bean shoot, I found myself lost in images of Delhi’s coffee shops. Let me paint the picture: vibrant colors, rich textures, and the bustling energy of life – it was like an invitation to recreate that world right here.

I was totally captivated by the idea of capturing the essence of an Indian coffee rickshaw. You know, those adorable, lively spots where coffee and conversations flow endlessly. I wanted my photos to subtly tell tales of India – think textured walls, patterned tablecloths, and those charming little coffee cups.

But here’s the catch – I had to figure out how to bring this vivid, lively scene to life within the confines of my tiny home studio. A challenge? Sure. But oh, so exciting to try and bring a piece of Delhi into my own creative space.

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Designing a Backdrop That Tells a Story

When it comes to photoshoots, the backdrop is like the unsung hero. It’s the foundation that sets the mood, frames the story, and in this case, was crucial in whisking my viewers off to an exotic location. For this coffee bean shoot, I went the extra mile – I created a backdrop just for this project.

In my quest for the perfect scene, I stumbled upon this photo of an old, rustic stucco wall with chipped, off-white paint. The moment I saw it, I knew it was the one. This backdrop was going to be my storyteller, weaving tales of India’s rich, layered history into my photos.

I embraced a palette of warm hues – reds, rusts, oranges – all chosen to complement and accentuate the real star of the show: the coffee. Every single element was thoughtfully picked to ensure the coffee beans not only stood out but also felt like a vital part of a larger, cohesive story.

Capturing Movement: The Dance of Steam and Light

Photography, to me, is like a dance – it’s all about movement and rhythm. For this shoot, I kept the composition tight and intimate, allowing each detail to play its part. The real challenge was capturing movement – I included a lit candle in the shot and focused on the whimsical dance of steam swirling through the air. It was about capturing a moment, a feeling, a fleeting dance of light and shadow.

Wrapping Up: A Toast to Small Business

Big shoutout to Sunyecta and her husband for those amazing coffee beans. They were not just delicious but also the star of my Tuk Tuk Coffee shoot. Supporting local and small businesses like theirs is something I’m super passionate about. It’s like a full-circle moment, you know? Giving back to a small startup, just like I once was, feels incredible.

Got a creative idea or a shoot in mind? I’m all ears! Let’s connect and bring your vision to life. And hey, while you’re at it, why not grab a bag of those delicious beans for yourself? Trust me, they’re worth it!


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