An Afternoon with Tito’s Vodka

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Serendipity & Cocktails: An Impromptu Shoot with Tito’s Vodka

Ever had one of those days where everything gets canceled, and you end up with this unexpected free afternoon? That’s exactly what happened to me a few weeks back. Usually, my afternoons are jam-packed, so having this sudden free time felt kinda odd. I’m there wondering, “What now? How do I make this time count?” So here I am, plan-free and a bit lost. But then, lightbulb moment! I had just gotten this new Godox Continuous Light earlier in the week. Why not put it to good use, right? Time to get those creative juices flowing and play around with this new gadget. I head to my pantry, thinking I’ll find something cool to photograph. But guess what? It’s pretty much a ghost town in there – just some old pasta, bread that’s about to turn, and a lonely half-empty bottle of Tito’s Vodka. Not much to work with, huh?

But then, it hits me – cocktails! They’re always fun to shoot. Plus, I had these stunning cocktail glasses that had just arrived. Perfect timing! And just like that, it turned into a cocktail photography session with Tito’s Vodka. Sometimes, the best shoots are the ones you never planned, right?

Keeping It Real: The Art of Simplicity

“Simple” – that’s the word for this shoot, hands down. It was all about making it up as I went, last-minute style. So, there I was, brainstorming for this impromptu cocktail shoot, thinking, “How do I make a minimalistic setup pop?”

I had the basics – a glass, some sparkling water, and just enough Tito’s Vodka (definitely not an endless supply). Every shot had to count. I had to be super intentional because, let’s face it, I wasn’t swimming in vodka here.

No fancy garnishes were hanging around, so it was time to get creative. What could I add for that extra zing and visual appeal? Then it hit me! I remembered this ice tray in my freezer with these big, oversized ice cubes – perfect for the shoot. And for a splash of color? How about a few drops of water enhancers in the mix, along with the sparkling water?

For a shoot that was totally spur-of-the-moment, I’ve got to say, I totally nailed it with some quick thinking and resourcefulness. Go me!

Color Magic: The Black Cherry Twist

So, as I mentioned, my color options were pretty limited during this shoot. That’s when my Mio Black Cherry water enhancer came to the rescue. I’ve been all about this cocktail called Ranchwater lately. It’s this super simple mix of topo chico, lime juice, salt, and tequila – and as someone with diabetes, it’s perfect for me. Low sugar and hydrating? Yes, please!

It was kind of funny when I mixed the water enhancer with sparkling water and vodka. The liquid transformed into this brilliant cherry color, totally changing the drink’s vibe and energy. It was this unexpected burst of color that really made the glass stand out, which is exactly what I was going for.

The cherry hue paired so well with the warm tones of the Tito’s vodka label, creating this eye-catching contrast. Looking back, I kind of wish I’d added a bit of salt to the rim – it would have amped up the texture and brought even more depth to the shot. But hey, live and learn, right?

Cocktail Chic: My Fave Glassique Glasses

Okay, have you seen these adorable cocktail glasses? I snagged these Glassique Cadeu glasses off Amazon for a different shoot I was doing – it was during my ‘Great Gatsby’ phase, so you know, all about that vintage glam. Originally, I thought I’d just use them for the shoot and then return them. But let me tell you, the moment I laid eyes on these glasses, I knew there was no way they were going back. They were just too darn cute!

I started imagining all the ways I could use them – future photo shoots, girls’ brunches, or just kicking back with a fancy at-home happy hour. So, heads up, you’ll probably be seeing these beauties again in some of my upcoming projects.

What I really love about these glasses is their ribbed “U” texture. It’s like it draws your eye all around the drink and the glass, adding this cool, mesmerizing effect. And I don’t know about you, but something about these glasses just screams retro, cute, and classy all at once. They’ve got this vibe that totally ups the cocktail game!

Embracing Spontaneity: A Lesson in Last-Minute Magic with Tito’s Vodka

This shoot? Total last-minute magic! I had next to nothing set up – seriously, it was just my camera, some good ol’ window light, and one small continuous light. I set up shop right in my living room, using my breakfast table as the stage, smack in the middle of the afternoon. Talk about impromptu, right?

What this shoot really hammered home for me was the importance of having fun and embracing the spontaneous. As a commercial photographer, we’re often so dialed into planning every single detail that we miss out on the joy of spontaneity. Everything’s so scripted that there’s barely any wiggle room for play, and sometimes, it can suck the excitement right out of creating art.

This shoot was a vivid reminder to keep a little time set aside – say, the last 10-20 minutes of a shoot – just for fun, just for play. It’s these moments that bring out the raw, authentic creativity. So, here’s to more of this spontaneous energy in 2024!

Feelin’ spontaneous? Got a fun shoot idea? Want to capture those spur-of-the-moment vibes for your brand? Hit me up, and let’s book your next shoot. Let’s make some impromptu magic together!


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