Sweetheart Sorbet Shoot: A Blend of Flavor & Art

My Fave Day: Valentine’s Day

So, Valentine’s Day is totally my jam! Every year, it’s like this big love fest for me. I go all out, whipping up some yummy eats for my husband, sending cute cards and goodies to my besties, and, of course, spoiling my pups with new toys. There’s just something about all the flowers, those adorable hearts everywhere, and those vibrant, festive colors that get me. And oh, that sweet, hopeful vibe in the air? Absolutely love it! To spread this whole love vibe, I’m thinking, why not have a super fun Valentine’s Day sweetheart sorbet shoot? Sounds like the perfect plan, right?

A Sweet Moment Captured: Edible Flowers & Sorbet

This sweetheart sorbet shoot was all about playing with edible flowers! A few years back, I’m strolling through Zilker Botanical Garden, right? And there’s this couple, super new, just walking hand-in-hand, totally lost in their love bubble. It was like peeping into their own little world, and honestly, I felt a bit like an outsider witnessing something super special.

That moment stuck with me. I wanted to bottle up that feeling of fresh, young love and bring it into a shoot. So, here’s what I did: I decided to focus on raspberry sorbet. Why sorbet? Well, it’s this fun, romantic little treat, you know? It’s juicy, it’s refreshing, and it’s got this rich intensity ’cause it’s not all airy. Plus, it’s just so photogenic!

But here’s the kicker – I thought, why not throw in some edible flowers? It ties back to that magical, romantic vibe I felt in the garden. The flowers are like a nod to that couple’s love, blending this sweet intimacy with the playfulness of the sorbet. Trust me, it turned out to be such a cool, love-filled shoot!

Props with a Personal Touch: Flower Bowls & Vintage Spoons

Alright, let’s dive into the props I used for this shoot. So initially, I had this idea of using a metal goblet – thought it’d be super cool, right? But, you know how it is, searching high and low, and just not finding the one that clicks. It happens!

Then, this lightbulb moment hit me. I switched gears and went for these super delicate, flower-shaped sorbet bowls. And guess what? It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. These bowls, with their petal-like edges, they just beautifully looped back to that garden memory, making everything feel more connected and meaningful.

So yeah, in the end, it all just came together in this beautifully unexpected way.

Color Play: Shades of Pink

Now, let’s chat about the colors of this shoot – I was super intentional with this part. I was aiming for colors that feel delicate, kind of soft, but still pack a punch in drama. It’s all about that balance, you know?

I weaved in flowers right into the sorbet – think dreamy, almost whimsical. Then, to dial up the romance, I added this gorgeous bouquet of pink roses. They just scream love, don’t they?

And for that extra pop, I tossed in frozen raspberries and pink macarons. The raspberries brought this fresh, vibrant touch, while the macarons added a dash of playful elegance. It’s like the colors were dancing together – soft yet dramatic, delicate yet striking. Just the perfect pink palette to bring the whole shoot to life!

Wrapping It Up: Love, Like a Garden

Wrapping up this whole shoot, I really wanted to capture how love is – it’s got so many sides to it, and it’s delicate, like the petals of a flower. This shoot was my way of saying that love is like a garden; you’ve got to nurture it every day, give it a bit of sunshine, a bit of care.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day through this shoot was just a blast! It was all about spreading love, capturing its essence, and reminding everyone to cherish it daily. I hope your Valentine’s Day is just as magical and special as you are.

Feelin’ the love from this shoot? Hit me up! Let’s chat about available dates and rates, and plan something amazing together.


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