A Christmas Toast: Behind The Lens with Bubbly and Bold Reds

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Bubbly and Bold Reds

Here’s a little confession: I’ve never been one for champagne. Yes, I’m that person who passes on mimosas at brunch. Tragic, I know. But photographing champagne? Now that’s a love story.

For my latest personal project, ‘Bubbly and Bold Reds,’ I decided to bring the festive spirit of Christmas to life through my lens, playing with the effervescent charm of champagne and the bold hues of Christmas reds.

Inspired by the Spirit of Christmas – All Year Round

There’s this adorable little spot in Austin called Lala’s Little Nugget, and it’s Christmas every day there. Since 1972, this bar has served up holiday cheer alongside its drinks. Think of it as a slice of the North Pole in the heart of Texas, complete with a rooftop Santa and his trusty reindeer. This whimsical place inspired me to recreate that fun, festive bar vibe in my shoot.

Minimalism Meets Gatsby Glamour

As I curated props for this shoot, my eyes settled on a set of cocktail glasses that screamed ‘The Great Gatsby’ elegance. I was so captivated by their vintage charm that I decided to keep everything else understated. The glasses were the stars, and everything else played a supporting role. Welcome to my minimalist era.

Capturing Motion and Emotion

Lately, I’ve been dabbling in motion clips, and I knew they’d be perfect for this shoot. The hero shot? A beautiful pour into those divine glasses against a backdrop of twinkling lights. I played with deep shadows to add drama and make the champagne’s journey into the glass a spectacle. It popped, quite literally, against the dark backdrop.

A Dramatic Finale

I love how the shoot ‘Bubbly and Bold Reds’ turned out – dramatic, festive, and a bit whimsical. It was a tribute to Lala’s Little Nugget and those moments of joy we find in shared celebrations. And if your travels ever bring you to Austin, make sure to stop by Lala’s for a dose of Christmas spirit, no matter the season.

Looking to capture the essence of your next celebration? Let’s chat and make some photographic magic.

Bubbly and Bold Reds


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