A Thanksgiving Toast with Tito’s: Behind the Scenes of a Festive Shoot

Unveiling the Thanksgiving Spirit for this Festive Shoot

This Thanksgiving, our festive shoot illuminated the artistic alchemy of photography, marrying it with the rich tradition of holiday spirits as I partnered with the enthusiastic team at Tito’s Vodka. Our collaboration for their festive campaign was a visual storytelling journey that elegantly intertwined the threads of culinary artistry, prop styling finesse, and the jovial spirit of the season.

The Artistic Gobble: Tito’s as the Centerpiece

The highlight of our shoot was an unconventional turkey centerpiece, ingeniously fashioned from Tito’s Vodka bottles. Caitlin Graham styled a warm, harvest-hued scene, each detail perfectly echoing Thanksgiving’s essence in our festive shoot. Capturing a cozy holiday ambiance, our festive shoot highlighted copper mugs’ glint and russet napkins amidst dancing shadows and light.

Collaboration and Creativity in Our Festive Shoot

I extend my gratitude to the team at Tito’s for their collaboration on this festive shoot. It was a day filled with creativity, from selecting the perfect angles. We accentuated the warm tones that define the season. Caitlin Graham’s expertise in food and prop styling brought an unparalleled depth to the frames, making the visuals as rich as the history of Thanksgiving itself.

A Heartfelt Thanksgiving Note

As the leaves turn and the air chills, this shoot serves as a testament to the power of creative collaboration. I’m thankful for the opportunity provided by Tito’s Vodka to capture the holiday’s warmth. It was a shoot that was less about the individual elements and more about the symphony they created together.

Contact me if you want to book me for food photography services that capture the essence of your brand with warmth and innovation, just like we did with Tito’s Vodka this Thanksgiving.


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