Dive into Deliciousness: My Whirlwind Photoshoot with Shipley Do-Nuts

Oh, donuts, my forever love language! Shipley Do-Nuts, with their sweet bites and that nostalgic scent, has been my jam for the longest time. So you can bet I was over the moon when their fantastic crew reached out about teaming up for their next campaign. I knew that a Shipley Do-Nuts photoshoot was sure to be a good time. Dreaming of donuts? Absolutely. Sipping coffee? Always. Merging them in delightful harmony? Count me in!

Sprinkling Some Shipley Magic

First, when you step into a Shipley Do-Nuts store, you’re immediately engulfed by an energy. A vibrant dance of colors, especially those bold pops that scream excitement. That’s the vibe we wanted to lock in for our shoot. The team at Shipley Do-Nuts wanted to give their iced coffee its moment in the limelight. Our aim? To make everyone feel the exhilaration that comes with sipping on that cool, invigorating iced coffee.

The Delicate Dance of Donut Design

To make the donuts and coffee truly stand out, we opted for side lighting. It was soft, yet edgy enough to add a hint of drama. We kept things authentic and clutter-free, letting a minimalistic plate be the only distraction from the main stars. Our shots? Close, personal, and filled with all the scrumptious details.

Drenching in Red and Revelry

Shipley’s and that iconic red? Totally inseparable! First of all, when I entered their shop, I saw red. I mean, it was everywhere, from subtle pops in the backdrop to that bold red cup taking center stage. I noticed these drool-worthy chocolate glazed donuts. So, I knew right away that I would zoom right in to capture every glistening detail and sprinkle twinkle. But the showstopper? That creamy pour diving into the cold coffee, blending the best of both worlds into one dreamy dance.

Relishing the Sweet Success 

The entire photoshoot journey, from the first snap to the last shot, felt like a delectable daydream wrapping around me. There’s something so magical about teaming up with brands that are bursting with energy and love for what they do, and let me tell ya, Shipley Do-Nut’s nailed that vibe! I genuinely believe we nailed our shared dream of sprinkling some joy and morning glow directly onto your screens for this Shipley Do-Nuts photoshoot. 

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