The Impact of Color in Food Photography: Choosing the Perfect Palette for this Strawberry Shortcake Shoot

Join me on a delicious journey full of color as I take you behind the scenes of my strawberry shortcake photoshoot. Learn how I managed to capture the scrumptious layers, vibrant colors, and irresistible textures that make this classic dessert a true crowd-pleaser!

There’s something magical about a perfectly captured dessert that makes you want to dive right in and take a bite. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at my recent strawberry shortcake photoshoot, and how I managed to capture the essence of this mouthwatering treat.

Setting the Strawberry Scene

Before I could even think about snapping photos, we needed to set the perfect scene for our strawberry shortcake. I wanted to create a bright, airy energy with plenty of hard light to create a fresh and inviting atmosphere. I kept the background simple but colorful to showcase the shortcake’s vibrant colors and playful nature.

Prepping the Star of the Show

Assembling the strawberry shortcake with care was crucial to capturing its scrumptious laters and textures. I carefully and precisely layered slices of fluffy cake to create a visually appealing and mouthwatering masterpiece. So to keep the dessert looking fresh and vibrant throughout the shoot, I made sure to have extra strawberry jam and whipped cream on hand for touch-ups as needed.

Capturing the Perfect Shot

Now, with the scene set and our star dessert prepped, it was time to start snapping some photos! I experimented with various angles and compositions to showcase the dessert’s layers and textures. From close-ups that highlighted the juicy strawberry jam to overhead shots that emphasized the fluffy cake and whipped cream. With that, we also played with lighting to create a sense of depth and to emphasize the vibrant colors of the strawberries and cake.

Styling and storytelling

To bring the story of our strawberry shortcake to life, we played with the composition and angles. So I kept the styling simple because the strawberry shortcake was naturally fun and energetic!

Capturing the perfect strawberry shortcake is all about paying attention to the details. From setting the scene and prepping the dessert, to experimenting with angles, lighting, and styling. With a little patience and creativity, you can showcase your own delicious creations in a way that will leave your audience craving more!

Are you ready to showcase your mouthwatering dishes with stunning visuals? Get in touch with me to discuss my food services and how I can help bring your culinary creations to life!


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