Savoring the Flavors of Spring: Behind the Scenes of Our Bright Edible Austin Orange Strawberry Salad Shoot


As the weather warms up, our taste buds crave fresh and bright flavors that are in season.
That’s why we always look fondly at our past shoot of this delicious Orange Strawberry Salad
recipe featured in Edible Austin magazine. We wanted to capture the essence of spring in every
shot, and we can confidently say we accomplished that.

Capturing the Bright Freshness of the Produce

To make sure we captured the freshness of the salad’s ingredients, we sourced the produce
from local farmers’ markets. The vibrant oranges and strawberries were bursting with color, and
the crisp mint leaves provided the perfect textures for the salad. We washed and dried the
produce thoroughly before assembling the salad and taking the shots. The result was a beautiful
and appetizing salad bursting with texture from the almonds and color that looked as good as it

Setting the Scene

Creating the perfect backdrop for the salad was crucial to capturing the essence of spring. Since
the salad already had many layers, colors, and textures, we kept the background simple. We
chose a white tiled tabletop and a pink marbled backdrop. We wanted to create a relaxed and
inviting atmosphere that would make the viewer feel like they were sitting down to enjoy the
salad themselves. We also experimented with different lighting techniques to create a warm,
welcoming glow highlighting the salad’s colors.

Bringing It All Together

The final step was bringing all the elements together. We carefully arranged the salad on the
table, highlighting the different colors and textures. We used a variety of angles and close-ups to
capture the details of the salad, from the juicy oranges to the delicate almond slices. Ultimately,
we chose a direct-angle close-up of the salad for the magazine print.


Our Edible Austin Orange Strawberry Salad shoot was a fun and delicious adventure. We loved
using fresh and local ingredients to create a beautiful and vibrant salad that captures the
essence of spring. We hope our behind-the-scenes look at the shoot inspires you to savor the
season’s flavors and create your own beautiful salads at home.

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