The Making of the Edible Austin Magazine Cover

When you get the call to be on the cover

I love it when editors get in touch with me, to propose a project. When I understand their concept and see their vision come to life in my own interpretation, that’s the best thing. And when it’s with a magazine you’ve always wanted to work with, you say yes! I was super proud of this Edible Austin cover shoot!

Talking with the Editor

I think the best part of working with food is people. The Edible Austin team really knows and loves Austin. They know their products and know how to communicate their vision clearly. I had a great time shooting this cover because we all worked together as a team, and that’s what it takes to create something beautiful. Everything from styling to art direction and prop sourcing is so important in making a great photo, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented group of people.

Collage of images for moodboard

The Concept for the Cover was all about colors.

The concept for the cover was all about colors. The editor, Ralph, used the exact words “color bomb.” They wanted a bold photo that would stand out like a mountain.

Making the cover of a magazine is always one of the highlights of my career. It began with an email from Ralph, the editor at Edible Austin. He told me he wanted to do a cover on Chicken Tortilla Soup and asked if I had any ideas for a photo that would convey the vibrancy of the soup. I created a moodboard for the cover.

I wanted a bold, colorful picture that would stand out in newsstands and social media.

First, I kept in mind the color palette of the dish — dark green, red, orange, and yellow — to create a cohesive look. The more you shoot something like this, the more you’ll get a feel for what colors work together. In this case, I knew that the primary colors would be warm (orange and yellow), so I made sure to add red and green ingredients to cool it down a bit. I also shot this on a vibrant blue background. Next, I added some texture with the tortilla strips and tomato chunks.

The image was shot on a vibrant blue background with my Canon 5DSr and 24-70mm Canon lens. The lighting was composed of one Westcott through a diffuser, and one speedlite off to the side.

And that was how the cover of Edible Austin was made.Taking part in the creation of a magazine cover is always great fun. The issue just came out a few days ago, featuring this image as well as the recipe. Be sure to pick up your copy!

Close up of a chicken tortilla soup on a blue background with a spoon on the side.

I will make your food look as delicious as it tastes.

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