The Sweet Secrets Behind Our Perfectly Pink Macarons: A Behind-the-Scenes Look


Macarons are a beloved sweet treat, but their delicate nature and need for precision make them
difficult to make. The batter is a meringue with stiff peaks folded into finely ground almond flour.
For my photo shoot featuring pink macarons, I decided to purchase them from a local bakery. In
this post, I’ll take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of how I captured the perfect shots.

plate with macarons on top

The Inspiration Behind Our Pink Macarons

I drew inspiration from the beautiful pink flowers that bloom in spring. My goal was to capture
the essence of spring in a dessert and evoke feelings of happiness and joy. After much
brainstorming, I decided to photograph macarons. The delicacy of their texture and beautiful
pastel colors made them the perfect representation of spring. I carefully selected the flavors and
colors to compliment the pink flowers that inspired me.

The Photoshoot

I used a simple setup during the photo shoot to show off the macarons’ beauty. I didn’t use fancy
props, backdrops, or garnishes, so I could focus on the colors and textures.
This simplicity helped the macarons look amazing and show their beauty. I also tried different
angles and ways of arranging the macarons to make them look even better. Overall, my simple
approach helped create beautiful photos that showed how elegant and beautiful these sweets


In conclusion, capturing the beauty of pink macarons proved to be a delightful challenge. Every
step of the process was a labor of love, from finding the perfect inspiration to selecting the best
flavors and colors to setting up the perfect photoshoot. Our behind-the-scenes look at the
journey of capturing the essence of spring in a dessert has inspired you to appreciate the
beauty in the little things. And, of course, we hope it has also inspired you to indulge in some
delicious macarons!

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