hello! my name is mica


I believe that food photography requires an inquisitive palate and a profound love of color. In my role as a Food Photographer, I aspire to live up to this notion by exploring the color theory, traveling wherever and whenever I can, cooking recipes from different cuisines and fostering my passion projects.


I come from the theatre world, so I am passionate about producing dramatic, vibrant, and vivid images.


My mission is to help restaurants and food brands stand out from the competition by taking expressive photos that elevate their online presence and tell the story behind their dish.


Reach out if you want to talk about cooking, cookbooks, podcasts, or the latest episode of The Umbrella Academy on Instagram at @austinfoodguide!


2020 - Austin Community College Art Exhibition
2017 - Saveur Blog Award Editor's Choice "Best Specialty Blog"

2016 - Saveur Blog Award Nominee "Best New Voice"


helping restaurants tell the story behind their dish

Based in Austin, Texas

T. 512.203.5205

E. mica@micamccook.com


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